More Sewing

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Today I bought two pieces of pretty corduroy fabric to make make winter pinafores for Miss O and Izz.One piece is burgundy while the other is a sea-green colour.  The sea-green is for Miss O. I have made her dress apart from the buttons and buttonholes and also the hem.  I have used a pattern that I have had since Belle was a similar age.  I have made good progress on Miss O’s dressing gown as well.  I think I will need to go to Spotlight again tomorrow for more buttons, thread and look for some fabric to make winter nighties as well.

No photos today as I am too tired to worry about uploading them.

The exercise is going well – yesterday was just a fraction under 10,000 steps and today about 6,000.  I hope to do lots of walking tomorrow and get the numbers up again.

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