Bathroom Cupboard

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One of my challenges this week was to clean and tidy the vanity unit in the bathroom.  I tossed out a few things but mostly this project was about finding things that I had forgotten and making a mental note to use them up.  My goal is to have things simplified so that there are not multiple jars of  similar items.

Here are the ‘before’ photos.

2011-06-01 01All out on the floor

2011-06-01 02…sorted and back in an orderly state.

2011-0601 03I also sorted the 3 small drawers, however, I did not take any photos.  One thing I found was some toiletries which were half-used from a motel when I was travelling at some time.  I put the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in the shower cubicle as a reminder to use them up.

Over the years I have heard lots of varying comments regarding the toiletries which are generally provided in motel accommodation.  So, here is your chance to have your say on this ‘important’ topic.

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