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When we think about buying locally most of us think of fresh food items such as fruit, vegetables and even meat and seafood if we are really lucky.  I know that my consideration of buying locally was restricted to fresh produce and certainly ended with food items.

Have you ever considered where non-food items are sourced and produced?  What criteria do you use when trying to buy locally produced items?

For a few years now, I have been buying Ecostore washing powder and liquid which are made in New Zealand.  Like many Australians, I regard New Zealand products and produce as the next best thing to our own.  This is for 2 reasons – the geographical proximity of the country as well as similar production standards.

One day when I was in my local IGA supermarket looking for washing liquid I came upon this laundry liquid which is made at Kin Kin, a mere 80 km from where we live.

I then found that they also make a great pre-soak laundry product as well.

There is also a dishwashing liquid which I have yet to try.

I have found that Kin Kin Naturals is just the sort of business I am keen to support.  A local, family-owned business which makes products which are truly kind to the environment.  What more could I want?

What do you buy that is locally sourced or made?

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