Weekly Challenge – Week 6

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For those of you who are not familiar with the blog, I started a weekly challenge when we got back from our holidays in the middle of May.  Here is the original post about the challenge.  Each Monday I add 4 things to the list that I want to get done.  They are usually one-off things rather than everyday chores.  This week the challenges are ones which relate to outdoors and the garden.  They will mostly involve some input from The Duke.

It is now 18 weeks until our next holiday.

1. Clean car inside and out -DONE

2. Finish making sandwich wraps for Miss O and Izz – DONE

3. Create a spreadsheet for future holiday packing needs

4. Make trackpants for Miss O and Izz – DONE

5. Send emails to book accommodation for New Zealand trip – DONE

6. Buy and plant seedlings for winter vegetables – DONE

7. Email friend to arrange to meet for lunch – DONE

8. Finish knitting dishcloth and sew ends in on first two – DONE

9. Make dressing gown for Miss O – DONE

10. Upload music to my iPod

11. Declutter and clean bathroom cupboard – DONE

12. Plan birthday celebration for Missy – DONE

13. Make an appointment to have our tax done – DONE

14. List 2 items on Freecycle

15. Clean kitchen windows

16. Book train trip  for New Zealand holiday

17. Follow up what I need to do to change my superannuation

18. Assemble the required paperwork for our tax appointment

19. Finish pinafore for Izz – DONE

20. Discuss 80th birthday celebration plans with my mother – DONE

21. Clean patio using high-pressure cleaner

22. Clean back wall of the house using high-pressure cleaner

23. Organise quote to have poinciana tree lopped and mulched

24. Plant seeds in seed-raising mix

Gradually making progress on the list.  It is good to see what I have actually achieved.

Meanwhile the sorting, decluttering, sewing and general housework continues unabated.

Please feel free to join in (Denise – what are you going to do this week?) or just cheer from the sidelines.

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