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Today I want to share a few organising tips from my sewing/craft room. Generally, this room is anything but organised – in fact it is the untidiest room in the house.  Part of the reason for this is that I really want to sort things out properly after too many years of having things just shoved willy-nilly into boxes. Here is a mobile set of drawers which I bought from Officeworks a few years ago for work-related papers but it has since been re-purposed for some of my sewing things.

2011-06-22 01The drawers fit nicely in the corner spot between the door and the built-in wardrobe with my cutting mat slipped in between the drawers and the wall. The top 3 drawers hold containers of buttons, bobbins, thread, pins, needles, safety pins, elastic and bias binding as well as my scissors, tape measures and quick unpicks. Drawer 4 has interfacing and the bottom 2 drawers have small to medium sized pieces of fabric. I do not usually buy storage containers for things as I can find boxes or jars to use. Here is a box I salvaged from work (about 20 years ago) and covered in some leftover contact.

2011-06-22 02I store my knitting needles in it.

2011-06-22 03Finally, here is some of my button collection.

2011-06-22 04This is a container that came from my mother’s place so I have put it to use sorting some of the buttons by colour.  These are ones where there are several the same and they may actually be used on a garment that I make.  The others are loose in a jar for when I need a random replacement button or something like eyes for a sock puppet. Now I am inspired to go and organise some more things in the sewing room.  One day it will be in a state that I will be able to show you the whole room rather than a few random pieces.

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