Weekly Challenge – Week 16

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Week 1 – I have decided to remove all the tasks that have been completed.  The list now will just be the ones I haven’t done from previous weeks 😦 and the 4 new ones that I have added for the coming week.  They will retain their existing numbering so you will be able to gauge how long I have been procrastinating over some of them.  I have put notes in italics by way of explanation below some items.

What I have done so far.  Scroll to the end of the list to so the new additions for this week.

3. Create a spreadsheet for future holiday packing needs

17. Follow up what I need to do to change my superannuation

23. Organise quote to have poinciana tree lopped and mulched

We have almost decided that we can do it ourselves.

32. Thin out and re-pot bok choy seedlings

I have planted 12 of the strongest ones in the garden and will stagger planting of the rest.

35. Make a vinyl cover for the newly-created day bed

39.Arrange to close a bank account that is no longer required

47. Take glass jars to op shop

I will give them to a specific person who would like them but can’t be done till next month.

51. Add more notes to my Christmas letter draft

54.Search for accommodation for weekend in Sydney next month.

56. Clean and pack away the doll’s house I received through Freecycle (for when the girls are older).

59. Finish sorting out my stash of fabric.

61.Check booking for Mousetrap

62. Pack for trip to Melbourne

63.Plan menu for next week when we get back

64.Finish presentation for work conference

There is nothing too onerous being added to the list this week as I will be away from Wednesday morning until Monday afternoon.  Last week I finally finished the windows at the back of the house so it was great to cross that off the list.  I finished organising my costume but decided against a beret.  I will post photos after the event.

The other thing I did was refashion a pair of jeans I bought from the op shop a couple of weeks ago.  The waist was an excellent fit but they were a little long in the crotch and also much too baggy in the legs so I did some major alterations and am very pleased with the result.  I only have a couple of average photos that I took of the image in the mirror but hopefully you will get the idea.

Front view…….

And the rear…………

Til next week. 🙂

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