12c per Day


I bought a new handbag today.  This might seem like an impulse buy – no discussion, searching the internet, comparing prices – I just went and bought it.  In fact, I had given it quite a bit of thought and kept putting off buying.  However, the old one was starting to look a bit worse for wear so it was time to do something.  I did not consider buying online because I like to check the feel of the bag and how it feels to carry it.

Here is the bag.

I had some fairly simple criteria for my new handbag.  Firstly, any colour as long as it is black.  Not too big but big enough to hold the necessities.  Easy to carry.  Enough inside pockets and sections to hold the important stuff, like my phone and access card in separate, easy-to-access spots.

The inside

Some of my acquaintances seem to always be buying bags, often for as little as $20 or so.  My bag cost $120, which may seem extravagant so I thought I should consider my bag on a cost per wear basis.  I use my bag almost every day and it is the only handbag I own apart from an evening purse.

The last bag was bought in Canada when we were there in 2007 and cost $180 so I calculated that I had been using it for 50 months and it worked out to 12c per day.  That seems pretty reasonable to me.

I plan to make a note of how much my new one cost and how long it lasts.

Do you consider the cost per wear/use of any items that you buy?

2 thoughts on “12c per Day

  1. Fairy, I think the bag looks wonderful. Stylish, elegant, practical. And it should last. I think it has been proven many times that if the price is “too good to be true” then it probably is. A deal rarely lasts as long as a quality item, and for something you need to use every day, then $120 (or 12 a day) is a wise investment. Well done.

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