How Much is Enough?


The essence of minimalism and the inherent decluttering is having enough.  So, the question is, “How much is enough?”

I know it is more than enough and there are still some items that are rarely or never used but this is my linen cupboard.

Linen cupboard
Here is a reasonably comprehensive list of what linen I have.  This includes the contents of the cupboard and what is currently in use.

Bath mats x 4
Bath towels (our use) x 10
Bath towels (guest use) x 4
Hand towels x 8
Face washers x 18
Beach towels x 3
Travel towel (microfibre) x 1
Chamois x 1
Kitchen hand towels x 5
Tea towels x 24
Tablecloths x 12
Placemats x 16
Serviettes x 28
Doilies etc x 15
QS sheet sets (our use) x 3
QS sheet sets (guest use) x 4
Single sheet sets (guest use) x 2
Single bed bedspread x 1
Extra pillowcases x2
Aprons x 2

I also have a summer and winter doona for our bed which we use according to the season.  Apart from that we use the same linen all year.  We keep an extra woollen blanket for cold nights and there are 3 sleeping bags which open out flat and double as extra bedding for guest beds if required.

The guest beds are always made up as we regularly have family staying with us for a night or two.

I have achieved this  pared down linen cupboard as a result of trying not to ‘collect’ linen and only buy what I actually need.  As time goes by this will become less because there are some items which I will not replace when they are worn out.

How much linen do you have?  Do you calculate it per person – eg: 2 towels etc?

4 thoughts on “How Much is Enough?

    • I certainly don’t think I will ever need more doilies or serviettes. I have heaps of tablecloths, although they are to fit different sized tables and some are for special occasions.
      Towels and sheets do wear out eventually but I have plenty for the moment. One of the bathmats is looking fairly sad and I think it will be destined for the ragbag before too long. I want to hold off getting any more towels etc until we decide on a colour scheme for the bathroom renovation (one day) although I suspect it will be fairly neutral.

  1. I dream of having ‘enough’ linen and space to store it in! At the moment I have two towels, a bathmat, four sets of sheets (of which I use two regularly, since the others are a poly blend and not as nice), and a small assortment of doilies and face towels from Grandma and Japan respectively. I need to invest in a chest or a cupboard to store it in – at the moment they live in the bottom drawer of my tallboy which means I struggle to fit all my clothes in.

  2. It is hard having limited storage space but it certainly keeps the stuff to a minimum. I am sure it will be nice when you have enough space to be able to have suitable storage for both your clothes and linen.

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