Keeping My Day Job


The dog clippers that we ordered online arrived on Friday.  You can see what we bought here.

Today we clipped Psycho Dog and I am pretty pleased with the first effort.  I won’t be giving up my day job just yet, though. 🙂

It is not perfect but will certainly help to find any ticks he may get.  I think it was money well-spent and don’t know why I didn’t do it years ago.  I will now add dog-clipping to the list of things I can do myself.

2 thoughts on “Keeping My Day Job

  1. He looks great. I think I will be getting a pair as well.

    On another matter…Do you take blog requests??? I would love to get some tips on how to tailor my own clothes. My natural body weight has left me between a size 12-14 so I am a 13 🙂 I find that I need to take t-shirts in along the side, shorten them and sometimes shorten straps/shoulders (if that makes sense). Hope you don’t mind 🙂

  2. I can definitely recommend the clippers. I am still asking myself why I spent all the time and money getting him clipped when it really is not that difficult to do it myself. The pack comes with a DVD but I must confess that I have not watched it. I really just did him the same as I had seen my friend do him. Not quite the same standard but i am happy.

    Re the tailoring: I am not a qualified dressmaker – I am self-taught but am happy to discuss general principles in an upcoming blog post. It may not be until the new year but keep an eye out for it.

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