Making a List & Checking It Twice

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6 days until Christmas and I am beginning to feel like it is all coming together.  I have crossed a few more things off the list today and this is what the list looks like now.


Finish making food gifts for home-made hampers
Email Christmas letter to most of my friends/relatives
Finish writing the last few cards – I don’t send many (see above)
Write down menu plan (it is in my head) for the rest of the week and weekend
Make carry bag to go with gift for child at Royal Children’s Hospital


Print letter to go with cards and post
Look for last part of present for Belle
Volunteer morning at Royal Children’s Hospital – take gift (unwrapped)






Children’s Christmas party at work (Miss O and Izz attending)


Buy fruit and veg (fruit stall open from 6am)
Buy mayonnaise and yoghurt
Assemble hampers
Enjoy Christmas Eve with family

Aside from the list there is the usual washing and ironing.  The floors will get swept and washed at the end of the week but other than that I am happy that I am prepared.

I think all of my decluttering and streamlining this year has helped.  All is well.

How are your Christmas preparations going?

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