Decluttered At Last


Tonight I want to share the result of some of my decluttering.  Here are the bookshelves in the study.

2011-12-21 01I have finally got them pretty much as I want.  It has taken ages to do and the study is still not finished.  There is still ‘stuff’ on the desk which will stay there until I deal with it and make a decision because if I put it away it will never get properly sorted out.

We have quite a lot of books and find it hard to part with them.  I have managed to be a bit ruthless this time and hopefully we will not accumulate too many more as we both have Kindle e-readers now.  I would recommend them to anyone who is trying to limit the physical books that they have on the shelf.

Do you have any technology that helps to reduce the clutter?

4 thoughts on “Decluttered At Last

    • Good idea re scanning documents. One of my other goals is to scan all of the Enid Gilchrist pattern books that I have. They belonged to my mother and some are becoming very tatty from use so it will be good to preserve them in a useable format.

  1. I hate dusting bookshelves. I have a kindle and we have only a fraction of the books you have. Ours went to the Op shop. Our favourite Community Op Shop is right next to our grocery store so no need to store any clutter. It gets dropped off when we do the groceries. My favourite bedroom chair came from this shop. $10 and a favourite storage unit that stores a heap of albums, videos, $30. Give some, receive some.

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