Finishing Touches


I still have 2 full days to go before Christmas Day and I feel more organised than ever.  I am already planning how I can spread the preparations throughout the year to make it even easier in 2012.  More about that another day.

Today I finished a few things.  The last of the gifts are bought and now wrapped as well.

2011-12-22 01It is a modest collection of mostly practical gifts.  There is no use espousing minimalism and decluttering all year, only to go overboard when Christmas comes around.  The hamper gifts are yet to be labelled and packaged so they are not in the photo.

I had my hair cut, the cards are posted and email correspondence sent.

After a short day at work tomorrow, I will buy some fruit and vegetables as well as mayonnaise, yoghurt and salami.  Then we will be all ready for the festive break.

Missy will arrive tomorrow, then Belle and the family on Saturday.

We will be enjoying a few days with the family from tomorrow.

Don’t forget to drop in tomorrow for another Friday favourite – this time it is another salad for Christmas (or any other time of the year).

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