One In,One Out


One of the principles that is often espoused in discussions around decluttering is the idea of “One In,One Out”.

Just before Christmas I bought a new iron as mine had ceased to work as it should.  Since it can still be used (sort of) it would be easy to put it away ‘just in case’.  Just in case what?  Just in case my brand-new one does not work properly?  No, it had to go, so I have given it away.

One of my Christmas gifts was a new frying pan so I have given away the old one.  The original is a cast iron Le Creuset pan which we were given as a wedding present.  It has given wonderful service but is very heavy and can be difficult to lift so it was time for a new home.  I listed it on Freecycle on the recipient is very pleased with her ‘new’ frying pan.
This is my new Neoflam pan.  I have yet to use it but am sure it will be perfect.

2011-12-29 02Have you received new or upgraded versions of existing items as a gift?  Is it time to consider whether you really need both or can one be passed on via Freecycle, Ebay or some other means?

3 thoughts on “One In,One Out

  1. This is my favorite decluttering rule! We’re fond of cast iron pans, so I finally gave my Lodge Logic pan to a neighbor llast week since we got a Le Creuset from our wedding (which was two years ago.) I guess what I forget about the “one in, one out” rule is that it should be followed immediately, not years later! Thanks for posting and enjoy your new pan. Let us know what you cook first in it!

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