Accessories – How Many?


I have written here previously about my 1 handbag and an evening purse.  In many minimalist and decluttering blogs there is often a focus on clothes and even shoes which led me to thinking about other accessories and how many is actually enough.

I am not a huge jewellery fanatic but I always wear earrings – I don’t feel dressed unless I have them on.  I do not tend to wear dangly earrings as I am not terribly tall and do not find them flattering.

This is where I keep my earrings.

2012-02-25 01Here is my entire collection of earrings – 9 pairs.

2012-02-25 02

My apologies for the poor quality photo, but I am sure you get the idea.  They are all fairly simple, classic designs which is what I like.

The only earrings I have are ones that I love and use.

What do you have enough of?

8 thoughts on “Accessories – How Many?

    • Kim, I have never had heaps of jewellery but when I reviewed my earring collection a few months ago I reduced it even further, to just those pieces that are special and loved. It is very liberating to only have things that fit that criteria.

  1. I love your earring collection! Just the right size. I’ve always thought it best to own a few very valuable pieces of jewelry and try to spend little on the costume kind. Good jewelry is a decent investment, unlike costume jewelry. During WWII wealthy people in Europe were trading huge diamond rings for tiny cartons of milk.

    I just got my ears pierced (at nearly 30!) and I’m trying to limit my collection to 15 pairs. Hard to do now that even my coworkers are giving me earrings as gifts to ‘celebrate’ the occasion.

    • Thanks for your comment, Joanna. Most of my earrings are not particularly valuable but the do hold a special place in my heart. They include 21st birthday gift from my parents, birthday gifts from The Duke etc.

  2. I have a jewellery tree to manage my collection of baubles, but it’s getting a bit tangled now, which means it’s time for a declutter. I know what you mean about earrings – I feel naked without mine, even if it’s just a pair of sterling silver sleeper hoops.

    • A jewellery tree (or other system) is a great way of controlling how many earrings you can really store. Good luck on decluttering – hopefully, it will help reveal the ones you love.

    • I love your honesty. 🙂 Changes in circumstances and hanging onto things from ‘past lives’ account for much of the clutter we seem to accumulate. Perhaps you can save some special pieces and share the others with someone who does dress up everyday. Your daughters??

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