Last week in this post I showed you my ‘new’ formal dress.  I decided against black accessories and was tossing up on what to wear with it.

I decided to go with silver and here are my new sandals I bought yesterday.

2016-04-25 01

I bought them at our local independent shoe shop.  They are really comfortable and as well as being able to be worn with my long frock they will be great for next summer with a variety of outfits.

This is what they look like on me.

2016-04-25 02

The next step is to find or make a suitable bag or clutch and finally, something to keep me warm as the event is at night in June.  At least (as far as I can ascertain) it is indoors this year unlike the past couple of years.

Accessories – How Many?


I have written here previously about my 1 handbag and an evening purse.  In many minimalist and decluttering blogs there is often a focus on clothes and even shoes which led me to thinking about other accessories and how many is actually enough.

I am not a huge jewellery fanatic but I always wear earrings – I don’t feel dressed unless I have them on.  I do not tend to wear dangly earrings as I am not terribly tall and do not find them flattering.

This is where I keep my earrings.

2012-02-25 01Here is my entire collection of earrings – 9 pairs.

2012-02-25 02

My apologies for the poor quality photo, but I am sure you get the idea.  They are all fairly simple, classic designs which is what I like.

The only earrings I have are ones that I love and use.

What do you have enough of?