Rhythm & Routines


In the midst of the upheaval of flooding and other extreme weather events coupled with the uncertainty of some personal issues it is comforting to know that some things remain constant.

This evening we have followed our regular pattern of making and eating dinner, preparing lunches, doing the dishes and of course the ironing.  I know that ironing is one of the jobs that many of us love to hate but even that provides a stability and certainty in the turmoil of the moment.

What routines do you have that keep you grounded, regardless of what is happening within and beyond your life, and over which you have no control?

Thank you all for your lovely, thoughtful comments.  I have not responded to all of them yet but will endeavour to do so soon.

8 thoughts on “Rhythm & Routines

  1. It is raining a lot and we have flooded roads here too… I have done a lot of my crocheting this afternoon while the power was out, it was very comforting to have something to do that was comforting and productive.

    I try and make sure i always have my crochet with me now if I am doing something different – I took it to the hospital when Henrik was sick, I take it with me on work trips. I feel it keeps me grounded, and I can’t wait to move on from my current project to the next. In the interests of finishing what I start, I won’t start something new till I’ve finished this project!!!

    Hope all is okay up the mountain and that your lake isn’t overtaking your entire yard!!!

    • The crochet is a portable craft which is perfect wherever you are. I hope Henrik is OK.

      All is well here – the lake is not quite as big as a couple of weeks ago. I am looking forward to some fine weather, though.

  2. I’m working on develping routines. I never had them growing up. Everything was mostly chaos, eg. laundry never got done until suddenly we found that we didn’t have any clothes. It’s been a challenge, but I’m trying to focus on one thing at a time. Hopefully I’ll feel more grounded that way.

    I hope everything is (or will be) okay. You’ll be in my thoughts!

    • Joanna

      An excellent point about the routines such as doing the laundry. Without the experience of routines in your childhood it must be a challenge to develop this pattern of thinking but it will certainly be beneficial in the long run. This links nicely to the whole concept of minimalism and decluttering.

      Best wishes in your journey.

  3. Making the bed. It’s a soothing routine that starts my day right. If all is in chaos around me and can walk into my bedroom and see a beautifully made bed it just helps!

  4. Because I am a spiritual person I find that my daily prayer, reading the Bible and other spiritual books is a routine that keeps me grounded.
    I like to have everything tidy and in order first thing in the morning……fly lady style I guess. If the kitchen is not cleared I have a bad start to the day.

  5. Even in New Zealand we are having the bad weather but life goes on doesn’t it? No power all day, the things you can do! I want to save my firewood for winter, not use it now in summer!

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