How Do You Clean?


Do you clean all like things together or do it room by room?

From an efficiency point of view I suspect that it makes sense to do all of the sweeping or clean all of the light fittings.  On the other hand , I like knowing that I have completed one room.  An example is the bedroom – I may strip the bed then remove any cobwebs, wipe the windowsills, clean the lightshade, clean mirror, dust and polish furniture, vacuum the carpet, remake the bed with fresh linen – and it is all done.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while will be aware that the office is the unofficial dumping ground here and getting it the way I want it is a struggle.  Since the weather has been miserable today I have stayed indoors and continued to work on this area.

I am very pleased with my achievements so far.  Here is the desk.

2012-03-04 01Another view of the room.

2012-03-04 02Finally, the pile of stuff that I have yet to sort and find where it is going to live – either in this house or elsewhere.

2012-03-04 03Wish me luck!

10 thoughts on “How Do You Clean?

  1. This is what I do. DH vacuums half of the house one fortnight and the other half the next fortnight. I do the dusting, if someone is coming and then its just what ever they would see. Lightshades when you can see bugs in them. Maybe once a year. Oven keeps itself clean but ceramic cook top as soon as its dirty. Windows, DH does a few a time as he feels like it. Cobwebbing daily, yuk nothing worse than being caught in cobwebs. I wipe over the 2 bathrooms almost daily and the mirrors when there are spots ie. rarely.
    Just cleaned the shower we used for the first time in the 15 months we have been here. It never gets dirty as we don’t use soap as such and squeegy down after showers occasionally. No soap scum here.
    Now the kitchen is my bugbear. As we cook a lot there is always plenty to do with cleaning benchtops and sink. We are messy cooks. We do have a dishwasher.
    I try to declutter and tidy one cupboard or area once a week. I have no idea how it all doesn’t just stay uncluttered and tidy.
    I don’t think that is much clutter to deal with in your office.
    My DH is what I call a SPREADER. By this, I mean, everything he does he has to spread everything out. I wish I could take a photo. It must be some sort of complaint and I have given up and just shut the office door when I can’t stand it any more. Its not clutter. Its just his method of doing things.

    • Thanks for your comprehensive reply. When I first read it, I thought your DH liked cleaning windows and I was going to ask if you hired him out. 🙂

      The office has been a work in progress for probably 12 months and I have finally won, I think. Now I am determined to deal with the incoming paper every day!

  2. I tend to do a specific job at a time – vacuuming, dusting or whatever and do it throughout the house or a section of the house. However, when I was complaining once that I’d not stopped and you couldn’t see what I’d done, I was told that’s because you do bits here and t here and I should completely finish one room at a time! I tend to do living rooms in one go. Then bathrooms and bedrooms.

    • And what wise person told you that? I think that is why I tend to do a room at a time – I like the feeling of knowing that it is all done and being able to enjoy it (even if only for a short time).

  3. I like to whiz through the house in one go (we just have a small two bedroom unit) I take the cobweb duster thing to the ceiling fans and ceilings and walls, then use that along the baseboards and under furniture, bringing everything out onto the floor. Then I vacuum and wipe down furniture, and move onto the next room. Lastly I damp mop all the floors at one time – we have wooden and tile floors. I like to put eucalyptus oil onto my dusters as I think it keeps spiders away, and hence keeps spiderwebs away. Every now and then I will do one room thoroughly.

    • Whizzing sounds like a great plan. I also work from top to bottom in the room – a legacy of cleaning operating theatres when I was nursing.

  4. I guess I do like things. Tidying first, then dusting, then vacuuming, then any scrubbing needed in the bathroom. I have a pretty small house though so I can do a pretty thorough clean in less than two hours. I also prefer to get all the cleaning over with in one go instead of spreading it out over the week. But I’ve also never tried the latter.

  5. Hi Candi
    Thanks for joining in. It seems there are a few like you or do like with like. It is always interesting to get a variety of opinions and ideas.

  6. I work full time so I hate to spend all weekend cleaning! I try and spring clean one room each weekend and then just quickly do the others so that they get dusted every few weeks (I am sure if I dusted every room every week they would still look dusty the next day anyway). I clean the bathrooms during the week and change the bed sheets during the week – my room Monday night, DS11 on Tuesday night, DS8 on Wednesday other wise I would be an exhausted wreck if I did them all on Sunday!
    I make sure that I put the washing on as soon as I get home and then hang it out after dinner and bring in the night before’s load and fold it up and put it away. We are a family of 4 so there is washing every day.
    When it comes to cleaning out fridge, pantry, cupboards etc, they usually have to wait for a long weekend, but then I usually have a good de-clutter at the same time.
    I have had weekends when I have spent the whole weekend cleaning and then go back to work on Monday for a rest, it is not good to do this as I don’t feel like I have spent any time with my husband or kids. I tend to leave baskets around so I can pop loose items (and we have a lot of those) into the baskets and then it is easier to pick up the basket and take the toys/screw drivers/newspapers etc around to their various “proper” locations.

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