Space When You Need It


I have previously written about the benefits of living with less.  By having less stuff in our homes we immediately benefit by having less maintenance – less washing, less dusting, less cleaning and so on.

Doing less allows us more time and freedom to choose what we do with that time.  This can be time to volunteer, exercise or indulge a variety of passions.

Sometimes things that are completely out of your control happen that require time and attention from you at relatively short notice.  This has happened to me and I have been able to easily adjust my schedule to accommodate these changes.

It made me think how much more stressful these situations would be if my days were completely crammed with commitments and I had to struggle with finding the time for important things that require my attention.

Do you have spaces available and what would you do?

As an aside, I will try to maintain my blogging routine but please bear with me if there are some interruptions to the regular service.

4 thoughts on “Space When You Need It

  1. I’m trying to live with less, and we are slowly getting there. but i’m lovely husband is a bit of a hoarded, although he refers to it a recycler – he hoards onto thing, random broken things- in case he finds a use for them later. At the moment these are banished to the shed but just knowing they are there is still “uncomfortable”…. he even snoops there the bin after i to a big clean up…

    • It must be challenging to live with a hoarder/recycler. Perhaps setting limits is the answer. Only a certain amount of space can be used for the pending stuff or a time limit – if not used in 12 months it goes. Maybe the best thing is to set an example – live with less yourself and maybe he will follow – one day. Like everything it is a matter of babysteps.

  2. I definitely agree. I never had a jam packed home as some do, but I’ve still lightened it significantly and it feels even better.

    I feel also out of sorts when my schedule becomes too full. And I have a low tolerance so too full for me, might be too boring for some. I’ve always felt best when I have a lot of downtime to do as I please.

    • Candi
      The more I lighten both the physical stuff and my schedule the better I feel.
      Everyone needs are different when it comes to downtime so it is good that you have identified your needs.

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