Creating Space


We hosted our first Air BnB guest last weekend and we are also expecting a couple of lots of house guests over the next few months.

The guest room is always neat with the bed freshly made but what about storage space?

002There is a full-sized wardrobe in this room and I knew that the space was not used as effectively as it could be.  So I set about re-arranging it to create a permanently vacant space for guests to use.  I only moved one thing – a spare pillow.  There are no ‘before’ photos but the photo below shows some of the things I have stored.  This was after I had re-arranged it and there is still some excess space if I needed it.

003Now we have a clear space to offer to guests without a mad panic to move things.


Space When You Need It


I have previously written about the benefits of living with less.  By having less stuff in our homes we immediately benefit by having less maintenance – less washing, less dusting, less cleaning and so on.

Doing less allows us more time and freedom to choose what we do with that time.  This can be time to volunteer, exercise or indulge a variety of passions.

Sometimes things that are completely out of your control happen that require time and attention from you at relatively short notice.  This has happened to me and I have been able to easily adjust my schedule to accommodate these changes.

It made me think how much more stressful these situations would be if my days were completely crammed with commitments and I had to struggle with finding the time for important things that require my attention.

Do you have spaces available and what would you do?

As an aside, I will try to maintain my blogging routine but please bear with me if there are some interruptions to the regular service.

Minimalism – Everyday Maintenance


Minimalism and decluttering should not simply be an excuse for a massive clean-up followed by more of the same – buy, buy, buying of stuff.

Downsizing, voluntary simplicity, minimalism – whatever terminology you wish to use – is a complete change of mindset which requires constant vigilance to ensure that clutter does not creep back into your life.

I try to do something every day to streamline my life and enhance the way we live.  Yesterday I unsubscribed from 2 email mailing lists so that is several more emails that I do not have to delete every week.  It is much easier to eliminate things at the source rather than constantly trying remove unnecessary intrusions, regardless of their form.

There is so much we can do to simplify our lives but it is important to remember that we did not acquire all of this ‘stuff’ overnight, so it is a ridiculous goal to attempt to clear out the excess in our lives in a short space of time.    Slow down and appreciate the benefits of the space (mental and physical) you create with every small step.

By creating space you are able to embrace special opportunities that present themselves.  I am looking forward one such occasion tonight.  The Duke and I are going to a show with Belle and Missy.  It will be great to spend time together as a family doing something that means a lot to all of us.  This possible because we have plenty of space in our schedules which is often unusual this close to Christmas.  Over the past few years we have eliminated many of the Christmas functions which we attended due to a feeling of obligation rather than a real desire to celebrate.  Now we do exactly what is important and meaningful to us and a lot of the stress has been removed.

Have you simplified aspects of your life?

Philosophy of Space


Last week I mentioned that I was reading “The Joy of Less” by Francine Jay.  In amongst the decluttering guide are some real gems.  One stuck in my mind and I find myself thinking about it as I look around the clear spaces in my home.

I quote from the book:

“Music is the space between the notes.”  My interpretation of composer Claude Debussy’s words:  beauty requires a certain amount of emptiness to be appreciated – otherwise, you have only chaos and cacophony.

For our purposes, we’ll put a minimal twist on this idea and say, “Life is the space between our things.”

This can also be applied to our lives in general.  I am trying hard to have some space to just ‘be’ and it feels good.  It is something we should all try.

Enjoy the space. 🙂