Creating Space


We hosted our first Air BnB guest last weekend and we are also expecting a couple of lots of house guests over the next few months.

The guest room is always neat with the bed freshly made but what about storage space?

002There is a full-sized wardrobe in this room and I knew that the space was not used as effectively as it could be.  So I set about re-arranging it to create a permanently vacant space for guests to use.  I only moved one thing – a spare pillow.  There are no ‘before’ photos but the photo below shows some of the things I have stored.  This was after I had re-arranged it and there is still some excess space if I needed it.

003Now we have a clear space to offer to guests without a mad panic to move things.


11 thoughts on “Creating Space

  1. Hi Annette

    I have not always had the luxury of a spare room. In fact sometimes it seems downright wasteful to have all of this space. That is one of the reasons I decided to try to put it to use by offering it as accommodation on Air BnB.

    • I guess it will be a bit more difficult to create space with 2 children at home. We have the luxury of a 3 bedroom home and only the 2 of us.

  2. What a nice open room for guests. The open wardrobe is a nice touch for guests. So much better than what I have, which is to share a room with me, but I do have an empty closet for their belongings. Luckily, my guests are family and we treat a stay over like a childs sleepover.

  3. Interestingly as a guest I almost never use storage space – just used to suitcase living unless it’s a special outfit such as for a wedding. Still, I commend you on your uncluttered ways making this possible.

  4. I am mostly the same, however, we have travelled recently for a wedding and certainly appreciated the space to hang up our outfits. One lot of prospective guests are staying when they come to attend a wedding so that is what may ave prompted me to create this space.

  5. It can always be so difficult to find storage space, I’ve always used self storage to help me keep the clutter under control and to help me store items I won’t need for a while.

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