Tidy Up


Just a short post tonight to let you know that I have had a bit of a tidy up on the blog.

Cookbook : Recipe book

One of the tabs at the top of the blog is labelled ‘Recipes’.  This is supposed to contain links to all of the various recipes that I have posted in the blog so that they do not get lost in the mists of time.  I have been somewhat slack in keeping this up to date but now they should all be there.

The list is divided into categories to make your search as simple as possible.

One of my next projects will be to make a similar index for all of the non-food recipes such as furniture polish, cream cleanser, chest rub etc.

6 thoughts on “Tidy Up

  1. Dear Fairy. How thoughtful of you to create the special recipe page on your blog. I have found it really useful to have all your recipes displayed in the one area. I was interested in your soft butter, but also in your tomato preserving recipes. The tiny cherry tomatoes grow wild over at the allotments and a lot of people cannot be bothered with the fiddly job of harvesting them. I love them, they are so sweet and don’t seem to be attacked by the fruit fly which is a bit of a pest around here.
    I do agree that they don’t keep for very long on the kitchen bench but I have never thought of freezing them for future use. What a very useful tip. I’ll be picking, freezing in tiny portions and then making them into a tomato sauce when I have enough.

  2. Hi I saw your comment on Frugal Queens blog and checked out your blog. I am delighted that you live in an area quite close to me, I’m on the coast however. I love your garden beds and share your interest in the wardrobe 33 project.

  3. Hi Veronica and welcome to my blog. It is amazing that you found it via the other side of the world yet we live quite close.

    I hope you will drop by again – I have a variety of posts but Project 333 keeps popping up in various guises.

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