Sewing on Saturday

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As I promised to myself yesterday, I have been sewing today.  I started with the pile in the mending basket.  The socks and shorts were first – straightforward.  Then I progressed to the more challenging tasks.  My methods are far from orthodox but I usually get results that mean a garment can be worn for a bit longer.

This is a maxi-dress that belongs to Belle.

2012-04-14 01The tie at the back had pulled away from the seam so we decided on something a bit different.

2012-04-14 02I removed the tie and using some black satin from my collection I made a band and threaded it with wide elastic.  It is secured at both ends and has enough stretch for the dress to be slipped over head and shoulders.  This is much sturdier than the original flimsy ties but still in keeping with the rest of the dress and the black satin halter neck ties.

2012-04-14 03Here is Belle’s pink cardigan with a hole in the sleeve.  There was no matching thread when the item was bought and the hole was too big to darn successfully.  Since it is not suitable to be worn as is I decided that any repair would be better than the alternative fate – the bin.

I found a bit of material with some flowers the same colour as the cardigan so cut out a bit and fused it on using double-sided iron-on interfacing.

2012-04-14 04I fused some fabric on the wrong side.

2012-04-14 05The final step was to zig-zag around the patch.

2012-04-14 06Whilst it is definitely not invisible it does make the cardigan wearable.

I have finished all of the mending apart from some hand-sewing on Missy’s skirt and I will finish that this evening.

2012-04-14 07I then turned my attention to the bag I am re-fashioning.  I showed you the patchwork strap the other day and here it is all finished and ready for use.

I am also making an apron for my buddy in the apron swap that I am participating in.  This was from Rhonda’s blog, Down to Earth.  I should have it finished tomorrow and then will be posting it later in the week.

The weather here has been cool and showery all day so it was perfect for a day of sewing.  Maybe I will do some more tomorrow.

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