The Mending Basket

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One of the advantages of Project 333 is knowing exactly what clothes you have available to wear.  When you have a limited selection it is important that everything is in wearable condition.

If something is worn out or simply unable to be repaired it is time to turn it into a rag or otherwise dispose of it.  This then frees up a space for a replacement item.  I tend to remove anything that might be useful, such as buttons.  The fabric may be able to be salvaged for re-fashioning purposes.  On the other hand, often all that is required is simple maintenance.

The mending pile quickly builds up and so this will be one of my jobs for the weekend.

This time there is very little of my own clothes.  I have The Duke’s socks, Belle’s dress, Missy’s skirt and Si’s (Belle’s partner) shorts.  I do have a shirt of my own to deconstruct to create a pattern.

There are numerous other sewing projects – either half done or still in the pipeline so I think a weekend with the machine is in order.

Watch this space for my progress.

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