Frugal at the Football


Today we went to the football and were going to be out for most of the day and it was quite a cool day.  Last night I cooked up a big pot of pumpkin soup so that we could take some with us.

2012-05-26 01Here is what I got out ready to pack.This is a glass-lined wide-necked thermos which belonged to my parents.  I am not sure how old it is but probably nearly as old as I am.  It is perfect for keeping the soup hot.

2012-05-26 02I also used an old towel to wrap the thermos and an insulated bag.  We bought the bag at a supermarket in New Zealand when we were on holidays last year.  There are also 4 mugs and soup spoons.

We bought 6 rolls at a bakery near the train station for $3 and also took some muffins and apples from home.  The soup stayed hot and the warmth and nutrition was welcome.

We did not spend any money on food of average quality and inflated cost at the match so the only cost was our tickets.  There was also no waste created from disposable containers.

2 thoughts on “Frugal at the Football

  1. It’s the time for pumpkin soup! I made some this week. Looks like you were well organised and prepared. I hope your fellow patrons enjoyed it as well. 🙂

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