A Storage Solution


I do not use any disposable cleaning cloths but instead I have a selection of microfibre and cotton cleaning cloths as well as an assortment of worn out towels and t-shirts which make great rags for almost any cleaning job.

The cleaning cloths had previously been folded in a pile in the laundry cupboard and the rags were in the cupboard under the laundry tub.

Recently I decided to make a ‘ragbag’ modelled on my memories of one that belonged to my grandmother.

2012-06-27 02I made this from some scraps in my stash of fabric.  The patterned fabric is leftover from nursery curtains I made before Miss O was born, the plain green is the from the op shop doona cover which I used to make my ironing board cover and the binding on the opening came from a collection that belonged to my friend’s mother.  There was no pattern – just my memory and an idea which I turned into reality.

2012-06-27 03It is conveniently located on the inside the the laundry door where I have hung it from the rack which holds my laundry detergent and soap.

This saves me trying to keep a pile of cloths stacked neatly on the shelf.  Sometimes it can be the most simple thing that makes life easier.

11 thoughts on “A Storage Solution

  1. The rag bag is a genious idea – reminds me of the clothespin bags we had as a kid (I just use a bucket for them). This looks so nice I think I’ll make one for myself. So glad I followed you over here and found this!

  2. I have bags for my rags. I used my old cloth peg bags which I didn’t like using for pegs as often all sorts of nasties you couldn;t see would get down in the pegs. Now I use a basket for pegs and if water gets in it drains out.

  3. Nice rag bag! reminds me of the linen bags we had as kids hanging on the back of our bedroom doors to hold our dirty washing.

  4. Fairy thanks for this idea. I have often wondered how to keep my pile of rags from getting ‘lost’ in the back of the linen cupboard.

  5. Fairy I would dearly like to make one of these rag-bags but I cannot find a pattern online anywhere. Would you be able to post a rough outline of your completed rag-bag on here please?

    • Granny If you go the the ‘About Me’ tab you will find my email address. You can send me an email with your postal address and I will send you a copy of the pattern and instructions.

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