Project 333 – Packing


It is now 8 days until we leave home on our overseas adventure.  The last 5 months of planning and preparation are now coming to fruition.  In that time I have streamlined my wardrobe, looked critically at the pieces I own and considered how they fit with my lifestyle and activities.  I have kept in mind what I expected to take on this trip and now it is all laid out on the spare bed and ready to go.

Trousers – 2 pairs of travel pants which have zip-off legs so I essentially have 2 pairs of shorts as well.  They are lightweight, easy to wash and dry quickly.

2012-08-11 01Singlet tops – These can be worn as a layer of underwear or as a tank top on hot days.

2012-08-11 02Summer tops – 2 basic coloured tops for warm days.  These will be useful for layering as well.

2012-08-11 03Short-sleeved tops – a couple of faithful items that have seen many years (and holidays) wear.

2012-08-11 043/4 sleeve tops – Red  striped top shown here and I will also take an identical black striped one.  Great for slightly cooler days and fitted so they can easily be worn under another layer.

2012-08-11 05Rugby tops – These are both in excess of 12 years old but in good condition and perfect for at home and travelling.

2012-08-11 06Polar fleece jacket – I bought this especially for this trip.  It will go over other layers and will be good if we encounter colder weather towards the end of the trip when we head further north.

2012-08-11 07Spray jacket – this will keep me dry in case of inclement weather but is also windproof and will be useful if worn over other layers.

2012-08-11 08Thermal tops – 2 synthetic thermal tops do not take up much space but will add warmth if needed.

Socks -2 pairs for my shoes and 1 for the boots.

2012-08-11 10Shoes – I am taking 3 pairs of footwear – walking sandals, hiking boots and general purpose shoes.

2012-08-11 11Hat – for hot, sunny days.

2012-08-11 12Winter accessories – scarf, beanie and gloves in case we encounter cold weather which is definitely possible, especially if we go into the mountain areas of New Hampshire.

2012-08-11 13I still need to add my underwear.  I have kept everything to a minimum, made sure everything mixes and matches and chosen items which are easy to wash and dry.

We will be taking a pegless clothesline with us and will wash out things every day or two as required.  My holiday mantra is, “No-one is every going to see us again so it simply does not matter whether I wear the same clothes every second day”.  In fact my holiday photos for the last 10 years feature many of the same clothes as I am packing for this trip!

2 thoughts on “Project 333 – Packing

  1. I am *very* impressed. That’s a wide range of weather you’re packing for. I think I’ll use this as a guide when I pack for our next long trip.
    You might be able to pass on the winter accessories though. The highest point in New Hampshire, Mount Washington, only seems to have lows on average below 5c after the 24th of September:
    And it’s horribly hot here in DC now!

    Your call of course, but it may save you some space in your bag. Good luck with the rest of your trip!

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