Show Stopper


The wind blows
The show begins
Sneezes, sniffles and coughs abound

I dodge and weave
Sip more lemon
Hope to escape

Mid-August is eternally predictable – the Royal Show begins for 10 days where the country comes to the city and  the seasonal cold/flu seems to catch up with everyone who has not succumbed so far.  To fuel this we usually experience one last serious flurry of a sub-tropical winter.  The westerly winds blow in with a vengeance and this year it has been right on cue.

Last night I pegged the sheets on the clothesline using 5 pegs on each sheet.  The clothesline is under the verandah and just outside our bedroom and I was awakened several times by the flapping of the sheets as well the creaking of the fixtures on the line.

This year seems to have been a particularly bad one for some serious viral infections as well as more than the average number of cases of influenza.  Doctors are snowed under by the workload as are hospital emergency departments.  Several of my colleagues and extended family have fallen victim to the illness with some having up to 2 weeks sick leave.

It is now only 10 days until we leave on our holiday.  I am doing everything I possibly can to avoid being ill on a long-haul flight at the beginning of our adventure.  This time of year is generally a show-stopper but I am determined not to let it be a holiday stopper.

2 thoughts on “Show Stopper

  1. Only 10 days to go!!! So exciting!!!! Yes, the westerly winds and the cold and flu have arrived bang on target, haven’t they??? I was ill for a fortnight with the flu – thank goodness I’m over it now, and I’ve refused to allow it to come back and get me again…

    Lemon, Honey, a couple of whole cloves, hot water and a shot of Irish Whiskey helps!!!

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