Back to the Bin


Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on my post about the kitchen bin.  Today I remembered to chop up some of the bacon scraps and put them out for the chickens.  I have not checked to see if they ate them but if they do I will gradually give them the rest over a period of time and that will be another thing that will not go in the bin.

When I next emptied my kitchen bin I took a couple of photos of the contents which I would like to share with you.

2012-08-08 01 This is what 2 weeks worth of rubbish looks like.  There are 2 adults in the household.  I placed it next to a dinner plate so you can get an idea of the size.

2012-08-08 02Here it is on the scales.  It weighed 411g.

So, what was in the rubbish bag for the week?  An empty toothpaste tube, a foil sheet from medications, a plastic bag from the carrots, plastic packaging from a block of cheese, packaging from razor blades, plastic bag from frozen peas and elastic from several pairs of worn-out underpants.  There were other items that I have not identified as well.

Next time I do this I will be a bit more specific about exactly what it contains.

Obviously our rubbish varies from week to week as some thing are only discarded a couple of times a year.  It is a worthwhile exercise to check what you are discarding each week as a way of considering whether you can change habits to reduce the amount of waste.

6 thoughts on “Back to the Bin

  1. Thanks for this post – I like to see what escapes your scheme – as I too end up with some waste. I’m also now tracking how often I take it out, to see if I reduce in duration…

  2. Wow! Fairy i am impressed and determined to do better myself. I know that over the years my waste bins are far less than they used to be but I have a way to go to only have under 500 gms of throw out rubbish for two weeks.

  3. I love your idea of reducing waste, it has helped me to do the same.
    I hope you don’t mind but each week on my blog I feature a blog that I like and on Saturday i’m going to be featuring yours.
    Hope this is ok

  4. Thanks Fairy…
    I shall be showing this & the Kitchen Bin post to our daughters.. We want them to work with us to institute a plan to reduce the exported waste & start more in house recycling..

    • Hi Rob

      Thanks for your comment. I wish you all the very best with getting your daughters onside.

      If they are still reasonably young, perhaps you can set up some sort of challenge – they generally respond well to some sort of competition. If you can create habits before they reach their teen years you have the best chance of developing long-term habits.

      Look forward to hearing how you go.

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