Gift Giving


Even though I do not buy many gifts it can still be a challenge to find the perfect gift.  I try to make choices that fit with my values and will be truly appreciated by the recipient.

This year The Duke and I have agreed that we are not buying ‘stuff’ for each other and that our trip to the USA was our gift to each other.

Belle, Missy and my immediate family will receive a combination of money, home-made goodies and Oxfam Unwrapped gifts.  These are well worth checking out if you are not familiar with the concept.


Miss O and Izz have more than enough toys and clothes so I bought them each a special Christmas ornament when we were overseas and also a couple of cloth badges.  I have recently given them the camp blankets which belonged to Belle and Missy when they were younger and collected badges.  Their main gifts are experiences rather than stuff – tickets to shows.  I will take Izz to see a stage production of Hairy McLary and Miss O to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  These will both be in January and I am really looking forward to sharing the joy with each of them.

At work our team (about 10 of us) used to do a Secret Santa but a couple of years ago we all agreed that it was really unnecessary and we would make a donation to World Vision using their gift catalogue.  We have lots of fun choosing what animals we will ‘buy’.

I feel that my gift-giving will not just add more stuff to people’s lives but make a positive contribution in several ways.  It has also meant that I have no need to spend hours trawling the malls with a million other stressed shoppers so I am happy about that, too.

5 thoughts on “Gift Giving

    • Thanks for the link. Of course, all donating has an inherent risk in this regard but it is one I am prepared to take.

      However, I do not support fundraising where it is obvious that a lot of the money goes to simply cover the costs.

  1. Sounds like some lovely Christmas ideas. We have been reducing the shop bought gifts year by year, but I do so wish I’d come around to this way of thinking before I had kids! Now it’s hard to re-focus their thinking, but we are working on it.

    This would be a lovely post for my Simple Seasonal Goodness lnky list over at – – I’d love you to come and add it.

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