A Green Christmas – Gift Bags


We celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts while still trying to remain true to a reasonably simple, low-consumption lifestyle.  It can be be so easy to get swept up in the hype.

This year I am doing my bit for the environment by shunning the wrapping paper and choosing to make reuseable cloth bags from Christmas fabric which I bought in the sales last year.

Here are a couple of gifts already packaged.

2012-12-17 01I have made a range of sizes in a few different fabrics.

It will be good not to be collecting up armfuls of ripped wrapping paper to go in the recycle bin on Christmas morning.

5 thoughts on “A Green Christmas – Gift Bags

  1. They are fabulous Fairy. I have bought cloth bags for some gifts, but next year will certainly do this and use Christmas fabric to make my own. Great idea!!

  2. I love your bags. I went paper free last year, what surprised me most was the time people spent actually looking at the bags before opening to find the gift inside. That never happened with bought wrapping paper.

  3. I started this last year, such fun. I wrap some presents with cloth, and make some gift bags. I don’t stick to Christmas fabric, I’ve found that all colours and designs are acceptable and make a very colourful display and also can be used for birthdays, etc. I’ll be interested to see if any come back this year. (I asked for any bags or fabrics to be returned to me if they didn’t plan to re-use… I couldn’t bear to think of them being thrown away!)

    I love your blog and always read it. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

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