Experience Gift – Part 2


On Friday I took Izz to see Hairy McLary & Friends at QPAC as part of her Christmas present.

We caught the train to South Brisbane.

2013-01-20 01There was plenty of time for lunch before the show.

2013-01-20 02This is what we have come to see.

2013-01-20 03

A great show, and finally, an ice-block before the trip home.

2013-01-20 04I then brought Izz home with me and she had a sleepover and lots of fun before being picked up on Saturday afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Experience Gift – Part 2

  1. How wonderful, special memories for Izz to treasure:) Doesn’t she look so cute in her new dress♥ I’ve just started reading your blog Fairy and have already signed up to receive new posts, ha ha I’ve been making notes after reading some terrific ideas, recipes, quotes, e-book recommendations. Superb blog. Linda Gold Coast

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