The Power of One


This morning I opened  a drawer in the sideboard – it was empty.

Empty drawer
Surprised?  I was about to put away the things that I store in it – the vinyl cloth for the outdoor table and the net food cover.  The drawer was empty because I had been using these items and I only have one of each of them.

Tablecloth & food cover
This started me thinking about other things of which I only have one.  Do I need more than one of them?  Are there things that  could be reduced to a single item?

Here are some things that I own a single item whereas I know many people have multiples.

Washing basket
Pillow per spare bed
Sheet set for for single bed and trundle bed

I have also managed to just have 1 bottle each of conditioner and shampoo.  We both use the same and have no need for an array of fancy specialist products.

I am working towards having 1 bottle of body lotion and 1 lipstick (have 2 at the moment) but that will take time as I prefer to use things up rather than just toss them for the sake of it.

We are not so good with other things, such as:

2 laptops as well as a desktop computer
2 sets of good tablemats
2 mops
3 hammers (all the same size)
I could go on but this just gives you an idea of some of how easily we can acquire (and keep) multiples of various items.

What is limited/streamlined at your place and what seems to multiply?

10 thoughts on “The Power of One

  1. we have a similar situation with electronics, having two laptops, a tablet, a smartphone and a desktop. We also have a TV, which sometimes seems redundant when everything we watch at the moment we stream on our laptops. I sometimes wonder though if we have 3+ computers because we’re both in IT-related work, or if it’s just that we’re trying to keep up with the Joneses. Perhaps a bit of both. But I’m very jealous of your almost-empty drawer!

  2. Electronics and technology are insidious multipliers as things move so fast and we all seem to want/need the latest gadget. It is hard to stem the tide and being in IT work must make it more compelling to have current equipment.

    There are not too many empty drawers, but I am working on it!

  3. When I moved I knew I needed to get rid of things and began to get rid of what I had more than one of. Gone was the extra colander, I kept the larger one that could be used for everything, I had two calculators plus one on my phone (and the computer) so I got rid of one and this month bagged up the other one to donate. Where I have lots of items is in kitchen towels and I have 3 sheet sets for my bed, while two is a better number for me so I should get rid of the third and let someone who needs it have it.

  4. There are many things we only have one of…a TV for example, one desktop, one notebook pc for travelling. We are not interested in technology. Some things we have multiples of often from kid days when they were useful. As things have died I just move one up and that is handy. Having cleaned out our parents places means we also have some unplanned extras as I refused to throw away some things and the op shops didn’t want stuff. When last DS gets his own place a lot of stuff will go.
    I certainly have more than one dress as I prefer them to skirts but I have come to the point where I won’t replace much of my clothing and other things. I don’t think i’ll ever be a minimalist but in 5 years time I’ll have less stuff.

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  6. Things definitely move between generations, don’t they? I hate waste so it is a balancing act between getting rid of things and using them up.

    I would love more than 1 dress but have yet find another one that I know I will love. One day…….

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