Chasing My Tail


It does not take much to get the organisation out of sync.

On the weekend I spent most of the time outdoors.  I was helping The Duke with the fencing and my hands and legs bear testament to having done battle with the wire.


So, naturally the the jobs which I normally do on the weekends were neglected.  I still cooked meals but the kitchen was not properly tidied.


The washing was done but not the ironing. Ironing board

Floors were swept but not mopped.


I made a concerted effort last night and this morning and have mostly caught up.  Now I need to give some thought to packing as we are going to Melbourne for a few days.  There may be a couple of gaps between posts while I get on with my ‘real’ life but I will be back on track soon.

4 thoughts on “Chasing My Tail

  1. I know exactly how you feel Yvonne. A couple of busy weekends and everything is up in the air again. And my two men seem to think it will all just right itself without any extra effort. One of my thoughts for this year was to try to space things out and I am working on a quarterly ‘big’ cleaning plan for all rooms and the garden so it will not be such a big job when it comes around.

    • Still chasing my tail in real terms, so it has taken me a week to reply! I like your idea of a ‘big’ cleaning plan. Now you just need those men to help. Good luck!

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