Project 333 – One Year On


Today I wanted to share with you how I choose what to wear each day.  My inspiration is Courtney Carver and Project 333 although I do not precisely follow the principle of 33 items for 3 months.  We live in a mild climate and many items can be worn almost year-round so I have chosen to have a simple selection of clothes which can be worn in a variety of ways and most importantly, that suit my lifestyle.  I have never had a huge selection of clothes but since discovering the concept of Project 333 nearly 12 months ago I have streamlined my wardrobe and made the items I have really work for me.

Since going back to work last Tuesday I set myself a mini-challenge.  I wanted to see how many outfits I could create that I had not previously worn before.  It can be something as simple as a different cardigan/jacket or a skirt/top combination that I have not tried before.

Today is the 6th day and here is what I am wearing.

2013-04-09 01This dress is a relatively recent acquisition and I love the fact that it includes my 2 favourite colours – red and pink.  I have worn it with a red jacket but today it is a different look with a fine cotton cardigan in pink.

001 (3)

I am wearing sandals as it is still quite warm here (about 25C) during the day but mornings and evenings are cooler and the cardigan is also useful in the air-conditioned office.

I have streamlined my wardrobe to the extent that I do not need to trawl through it to see what I have or what goes with what.  I know exactly what I own and can plan my outfits a day or 2 in advance in my head and then simply grab the required items in the morning.

We live in a mild climate and it is officially autumn (fall).  It is hard to believe but it will get cooler over the coming months.  I need to buy some new trousers to wear to work as the one pair that I owned were discarded at the end of last winter as I had lost weight and I could have nearly ‘lost’ my trousers!  I hope to buy 2 pairs – black and charcoal grey in the same style if possible, so wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Project 333 – One Year On

  1. Cute dress!

    I raise my glass to you, I am having such a hard time with the clothing thing. Granted I only have what I need, But I am pretty sure I can give away more stuff…

  2. Isn’t it funny – as a kid my mum was adamant that red and pink shouldn’t go together (but they happily can). Likewise navy and black – but I saw it last night and it looked more than ok. Strange how I’ve been conditioned. These sorts of ‘rules’ make 333 projects that much more of a challenge!

  3. The colour ‘rules’ are funny things. The red and pink really works in that dress. I still have reservations about black and navy together, though.

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