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I have been busy with some other activities but I have hopefully got things re-balanced since my holiday and blogging will slot back into place.

I have posted the recipe for this cream cleanser before but I thought it was worth revisiting.  I will also add a page at the top of the blog with links to recipes for cleaning products so that the information does not get lost in the mists of time.

Firstly, I assembled the ingredients all 3 of them!

2013-04-08 02And the utensils.

2013-04-08 01Cream Cleanser

1&1/2 cups bicarb soda
110ml dishwashing liquid
30ml eucalyptus oil

Mix all ingredients together to form a ‘Gumption-style’ paste.

Store in container.  I use glass because the original instructions cast some doubt over the compatibility with some plastics.

Use to clean sinks, baths and basins by rubbing a paste over the surface and rinse clean with fresh water.  You can spray with vinegar for added effect.  As always, test surface to ensure it is OK to use.

Combine all the ingredients to form a smooth but stiff paste.

2013-04-08 03The finished product – ready to use.

2013-04-08 04The quantities in the recipe are perfect for the jar I choose to use.  You can adjust to suit your own needs.

Bi-carbonate of soda is an amazingly versatile cleaning product and whole books have been written about its uses.  Here is one that I also used on the weekend.

We had some grubby marks on the light-coloured carpet near the doorway of our bedroom.  I placed about a teaspoon of bicarb on the carpet and gently rubbed it into the stain.  I vacuumed it immediately and the stain was gone!  It was like magic.  It would naturally depend on the type of marks but this is definitely worth trying before resorting to carpet cleaning.  As always, check for colour fastness on an inconspicuous spot before use.

What bicarb tips do you have to share?

6 thoughts on “Make Your Own

  1. I love your posts!
    I use Bicarb to remove strong odours from plastic containers, as well as sprinkle it in sports shoes and leave overnite to banish foot odour. Bicarb also removes tomato paste stains from plastic containers – sprinkle some into container, top up with water and soak overnite.
    I too would love to hear about its other uses

  2. I am a huge fan of bicarb, vinegar and eucalyptus oil and use these items in my daily cleaning routine. I’ve used bicarb along with lavender oil as a deodorant, just mix a few drops with bicarb. I use a talc powder puff to apply this. I have just found a new recipe which includes aloe vera juice, bicarb and a few drops of essential oils, will be trying this soon (put into an old roll on deodorant bottle). Also to freshen carpets use one teaspoon of peppermint oil into a cup of bicarb and mix, sprinkle on carpets then vacuum. From time to time I use bicarb with lemon juice on my toothbrush to clean my teeth.

    Great to see you back posting Fairy, it was lovely reading about your trip although something went wrong and I didn’t see all the posts, I have since caught up though.

    Have a lovely day.

    • Just a warning – I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner and the instructions say to not vacuum up bicarb or powders with it. Not sure what you are supposed to do ….

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