Failure or Opportunity?


It is now the end of Day 3 of Plastic-Free July.  I was doing well, mainly because I had not bought anything, but tonight we called in to the supermarket on the way home.

We bought ice-cream in a plastic tub, milk in a plastic bottle and a block of butter wrapped in paper.  2 out of 3 – FAIL!  So now I can do one of three things:

Declare this challenge a failure and give up – not likely!!

Accept that this will always be the case and not worry – possibly??

Keep a list of all of the single-use plastic items that we buy during July and use it as a prompt to consider alternatives, both this month and in the future – definitely!!

The list will be added as a tab at the top of my blog so you can keep track of how I am going.

7 thoughts on “Failure or Opportunity?

  1. Fairy, it really is hard to avoid. I hadn’t thought to keep a running total of plastic for the month but that’s a great idea. I have one item I use that I didn’t know what to do about, and that was the plastic bag for my trash can. Then I realized I could just take any trash directly out to the dumpster. Do you have an alternative for trash bags?

    I’d say in three days to only have brought home 2 items of plastic is pretty good, I’ve already brought home one.

    • I don’t have a lot of trash but I usually line my little kitchen bin with a previously used plastic bag. Because it impossible to avoid some, I figure it is better to put them to use as trash bags rather than just discard them. Otherwise brown paper bags are an option and I believe there are instructions on the net for making your own origami-style bin-liners from newspaper. Only one problem – I don’t buy the newspaper. This sure makes you think laterally!

      • I don’t buy a newspaper either. Growing up we used the brown paper bags our groceries came in to line our trash can, we never bought garbage bags but using my reusable bags I don’t bring home the bags.

  2. No Fairy you did not fail. Modern life will never be totally plastic free. I remember the icecream Mum bought when my sister and I were kids was in a waxed paper ‘brick’ but it always melted. There are certain products which are and always will be only available in plastic. The manufacturers are tending to use recyclable plastics. As for kitchen tidy liners I would much rather have a plastic bag I can tie up instead of a bin full of loose smelly rubbish.

    • Totally plastic-free is a fallacy in the modern world – you are right. A plastic rubbish bag still happens at my place because I still have plastic bags salvaged from various sources and I think it is better to reuse them as bin-liners than to simply discard them.

      I consciously refuse as much plastic as possible but it still seems to make an appearance at my place. 🙂

  3. I’m trying to keep count too. I bought some cottage cheese: no plastic free choice and a vegetarian’s gotta have SOME protein. Tofu comes in plastic too but the cottage cheese will last longer. I got vegetables from the farmer’s market straight into my own bag, plus some berries in a little box I can take back to them to re-use. I’m planning to cook vats of soup in my crockpot for the rest of the month. I think part of the point is to be more conscious of what we use, so there is no “fail” as long as we achieve that.

  4. Good work on the farmer’s market. We did the same last year when we were there. Dairy seems to be one of the biggest problems with this challenge.

    Very true that there is no ‘fail’ as such. Awareness is definitely the issue here.

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