Any Step…………..


…………is better than no step.

This short quote came from an online discussion about ‘Plastic-Free July’.

I stopped and thought about the comment.  How often does perfection render us impotent?  Do you find yourself doing nothing because you feel (even subconsciously) that you cannot do the task or commit to a cause completely?

2013-07-03 01Whether it is ‘Plastic-Free July’, the mending pile or the kitchen cupboards that need decluttering, make a start.  One plastic bag refused, one button sewn on or one drawer decluttered is one step.

Utensil drawer

Take that first step and let me know how you go.

What holds you back?  Is it perfectionism or is it something else?

9 thoughts on “Any Step…………..

  1. Ah the first step. I have had a piece of furniture hiding in my apartment for several months. I told myself I would get on it as soon as I found new knobs and legs for it. Today I started the restoration/painting. It made me search for knobs which I found and while I haven’t found the legs I need to match I am motivated now that I have begun working on it. One step was all it took to stop the procrastination.

  2. I found it hard finding time to ‘get to it’ so I didn’t even make a start. My thinking now has changed to breaking the task down into small blocks of time so at least some progress has been made. E.g. Make a list of what I need to complete the project, buy the items required, determine the order for each step and write it down. I,find it satisfying to cross out each step as I complete it and I am one step closer to completing the project.

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