Not So Perfect


More on the organising theme today.  After reading a couple of the comments on my previous post, I wanted dispel any misconceptions about me being perfectly organised.  That is definitely not the case.  My dressing table is a case in point.

This is what it looked like last night.


The state of this area has been bugging me for months but there always seems to be something else which was more in need of my attention.  The other thing holding me back was perfectionism.  Why start it if I could not complete the task properly?  I have come to realise that perfectionism is one of my personal hurdles and it has taken many years and false starts to identify the problem and then try to work on it.

I had moved some of the larger items in the last week or so but it was still messy and cluttered.  Some of the things that I moved and put away in their correct places were:

Bone density xrays
Prescription tablets
Repeat prescriptions
Warranty for new phone
Packet of Christmas bell decorations
Plastic container


What is not evident in the photos is that I have not washed all of the china, changed the doyley nor dusted and polished the timber.  The knowledge that I did not have time to do all of this would be reason enough not to tackle the job, however, last night I decided to just put away/discard the extraneous ‘stuff’ and leave the actual cleaning until another day.

The job did not take long and I felt better once it was done. So what was so difficult?  For me it is overcoming the feeling that I have to do the whole job in one go or why bother.

What are your hurdles and what strategies do you use?

Any Step…………..


…………is better than no step.

This short quote came from an online discussion about ‘Plastic-Free July’.

I stopped and thought about the comment.  How often does perfection render us impotent?  Do you find yourself doing nothing because you feel (even subconsciously) that you cannot do the task or commit to a cause completely?

2013-07-03 01Whether it is ‘Plastic-Free July’, the mending pile or the kitchen cupboards that need decluttering, make a start.  One plastic bag refused, one button sewn on or one drawer decluttered is one step.

Utensil drawer

Take that first step and let me know how you go.

What holds you back?  Is it perfectionism or is it something else?