Not My Day Job


Almost 3 months ago one of my posts included a piece about building a small concrete block wall.  Here is the beginning that I posted way back then.

Block wall

Like many of our projects, it has been rather a long-winded process as we try to fit things into the limited time on the weekends.  The weather is another factor which curtails outdoor activity.

Today, it was finally time to put the timber lattice screen into position and secure it.

Wall and lattice - finished

We have also been working on painting the posts which will be used for the new chicken run.  Most of them are finished but a few still need a second coat of paint.

Completed posts

Here are the remainder on the scaffolding which we use to support them while we are painting.

Posts on scaffold

If the weather is kind we may get started on putting the first of the posts in the ground next weekend.

Watch this space for more updates!




8 thoughts on “Not My Day Job

  1. I’ve just found your blog again. I thought I was following it with Bloglovin’ and wondered why there hadn’t been any posts so had a search for it again. Sounds like you are making progress at home. It’s raining here so I hope you aren’t getting drenched where you are.

    • Hi Nanna Chel

      Thanks for your comment. We keep making progress. I just tell myself that slow and steady wins the race. 🙂 The rain is not torrential but we seem to get some just about every day. However, the forecast for the next 5 days is ‘fine’. I really hope that it is accurate!

  2. Fairy I know the feeling. I have a table I need to work on and then a bed, both need more space than I have indoors and with the rain I haven’t been able to get to either one. i hope your weather cooperates for you.

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