Wardrobe Workhorses & Wishlists


This week the weather has turned warm, even hot by some standards and it is officially still winter.

Many of my clothes are suitable for most of the year depending on how I wear them.  However, the warmer weather has made me stop and think about what new things I might consider buying this season.  I have 3 good pairs of shorts and probably enough skirts but it might be time to get some new tops.  Other than that the 2 main things on my wishlist for summer are sandals and a hat.  My current sandals are well-worn and have been repaired.  They will keep going for some time yet but it would be nice to have a new pair to wear to work during the summer months.  The hat that I crave is a straw one in a dressy style.  Since I am not tall, I find that I need a hat with a straight or slightly upturned brim or otherwise I end up looking like a mushroom.  I have a fabric hat which is fine for travelling and beachwear but I would really like one that I can wear with a dress in the city.

That is enough about my wishlist, now for the workhorses.

Singlet tops

These are some singlet tops that I bought at Uniqlo when we were visiting Japan in 2009.  They are some of the most versatile items I have ever owned.  I wear them as singlets in winter, pyjama tops with boxer shorts, tank tops in summer and even to work as a camisole with a skirt and cardigan.  The lace edging and straps are actually elastic lace and they are really comfortable.  When these wear out I will definitely buy more or possibly make some if I can find suitable elastic lace.

Having items of clothing that do double or even triple duty will be very useful when I come to pack when we travel overseas.  I am hoping to travel as lightly as possible.  Do you have any particular ideas that have worked for you?

8 thoughts on “Wardrobe Workhorses & Wishlists

  1. My wish list is for clothing suitable for a senior person or else a good dressmaker. Sleeveless garments with mini-skirts are not my thing.

  2. Dear Fairy, I was constantly travelling for years around Australia and New Zealand with my work and I found the only way to cope, without lugging huge suitcases on and off ‘planes was to have what I call a Melbourne Wardrobe. Wear Black. It needn’t be boring, or depressing! Using black as my base I could add colourful accessories. If it was hot I’d wear black T-shirt with pretty beads. If I was further south out would come the jumpers with pretty scarves.

  3. I have workhorses like your – they used to be Cotton On singlets, but now I get them from Aerie (which is part of American Eagle – in the US or Dubai). They go under most thing sin winter, and again in summer! They have a shelf bra which means they don’t ride up under my arms (that drives me batty!). I also have a lot of long sleeved, tight giadarno tops, that are like my winter uniform with a nice jacket or cardigan. They are all sorts of colours, but just ‘boring’ otherwise. But they layer well, and keep me warm.

    As for a wish list? I’d love to replace my brown satchel bag which I love but the vinyl is delaminating. And I’d like to find the ultimate nice looking shoe that looks dressy but has support and rubbery sole for walking in. It’s pretty much impossible, and I end up with lots of almost right shoes…

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