Guest Room


Hello Again!

I think I have caught my breath.  The last week has been a bit of a whirl with Air BnB guests, family visiting, Izz’s birthday and planning a trip to visit an ill relative as well as work and all of the routine stuff around the house.

We also managed to fit in a small project last weekend.  We hung the timber blind which we bought for the guest room and I am really pleased with the result.


It is something that I had been contemplating for quite some time but I had not been able to convince myself of what the best window treatment for the room would be.  I mentioned to The Duke that I thought the timber blinds would be good after one of our guests suggested that a window covering would afford a bit more privacy as the window overlooks the verandah.  The Duke promptly found that Spotlight were having a half-price sale on blinds that week so we procrastinated no longer.

When we bought the blind we were a bit unsure about the size but discovered that for and extra $20 you can have them cut and made to measure.  All you need to provide is the inside width of the window frame.

I will show you more of what I have been working on in the coming days.

In the meantime, here is the moonrise this evening.  It looked spectacular as it rose over the trees.


6 thoughts on “Guest Room

  1. Does sound like a busy week but quite familiar. That moon we shared was lovely and gave us some light in our kitchen area while they have been disconnected to repair the ceiling under insurance.

    • Great that you were able to ‘use’ the moonlight. It does make a difference. We really notice it here with no curtains in most of the rooms.

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