Planning – Dinner and Dressing


As you may have guessed from my lack of posts recently, I have been rather busy both physically and mentally.  There is a lot going on at the moment and I had dropped the ball as far as menu planning went.  We have still been eating meals – almost all cooked at home but I have been throwing them together without a lot of thought.

Today I decided that I needed to refocus and get organised.  Here is the plan for the week

Sunday – Beef stroganoff with mashed sweet potato and green beans

Monday – Stuffed mushroom slice with coleslaw

Tuesday – Sausages and salad

Wednesday – Chicken and green bean stir-fry

Thursday – Nachos with refried beans and guacamole

Friday – Cheese omelette with bacon and avocado

Saturday – Rissoles and salad

We have green beans and avocadoes from the garden and the remaining fruit and vegetables that I need were bought this afternoon.  By having a plan I make sure that I use the food on hand, wastage is reduced (hopefully to zero) and I can do some preparation the night before.

The other thing that I like to plan in advance is the clothes that I am going to wear.  Here in south-east Queensland we are into some seriously warm weather with the maximum temperatures forecast for this week ranging from 26C up to 32C so my footwear each day will be my very comfortable strappy sandals with a small heel.  Here are my planned clothes for the week.

Monday – white cotton drill 3/4 pants and blue/white striped collared shirt

Tuesday – sleeveless cotton dress – black with white spots

Wednesday – skirt – cream with black spots and black sleeveless t-shirt

Thursday – Pink/red/white floral, sleeveless dress

Friday – skirt – navy with white spots and white sleeveless t-shirt

It can still be cool in the mornings and also the office is air-conditioned so I will wear a red 3/4 sleeve cardigan with all of these outfits as required.

I will try to take and post a photo of my outfit each day.

What do you plan in advance?

8 thoughts on “Planning – Dinner and Dressing

  1. I’m hearing you with the menu planning. I’ve found I’ve been very slack since the kids have all flown the coop! That and the fact Geoff has many business lunches means we quite often forgo dinner. Do have a good healthy breaky and light healthy lunch though. As to clothes, mmmm I plan the night before. I do have a lot of black that just has a decorative something thrown over it. I hate shopping for clothes, in fact its up there at about the same dislike as football.

    • Clothes shopping is not one of my favourite pastimes, either. I guess that is why I love Project 333. A few well-chosen mix’n’match pieces that I love suits me fine.

  2. Well, I meal plan weekly for dinners but my reasons for doing so are different. I don’t enjoy the act of cooking all that much. And I totally hate the daily question of “what’s for dinner.” No body asks, but I hate having to sort that out every single day for myself Once it is all written down and planned for … not thought is required each day. It also helps with food shopping – another activity I am not wild about. Planning and shopping are consolidated into one day so the rest of the week is effort. Now if I could just get someone to do the cooking …

    Being retired, I don’t put much effort into planning what I wear. It is one of the benefits of not working. 🙂

  3. I plan fortnightly for dinners, as I shop fortnightly. At the moment I am trying to plan my summer wardrobe (I am at home mostly) so am looking forward to getting started on some sewing shortly. I visit Brisbane every alternate fortnight, so I have to plan what to take along in the way of produce from our garden, some local milk and whatever else needs to go; all without the dogs noticing until the last minute when I put them in the car – otherwise I get nothing done!

  4. I love that your 333 experiment means you know that one cardigan will work with all those outfits! Envious.

    I like to menu plan, and we have a theme for most days: Sunday is roast (or something bulk for weekday lunches), Mon is Mex, Tues is Italian ,and wed is vegie based (salads/stir fries), Thursday being for eggs. Fri and Sat are left open to whim/outings etc. Works well and still heaps of variety but lots of what we both like.

    • I love that Project 333 has really helped me to see exactly what I have and how it can be used in a variety of ways.

      The dinner theme sounds like a great plan. I may have to consider that as an option.

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