Project 333 – 21 Black


No, it is not a new card game.  21 is the number of black items that I have in my wardrobe.  They are not patterned or black with the addition of other colours.  Those are extra and yet to be counted.

21 seems like a lot of things in just one colour for what is a fairly small wardrobe.  These are my staples which means that I can mix and match with everything else.  Take a look and see what you think.

One pair of trousers, one ¾ pants and one pair of shorts.

A skirt and dress

Skirt & dress
Jacket and cardigan

Jacket & cardigan
Tops – two camisoles, one fitted t-shirt and a ¾ sleeve fine woollen sweater

Now for the shoes – two pairs of dressy heels, one pair of mary-janes and a pair of thongs

Accessories – handbag, evening bag, wallet, earrings, belt and hat

There are really very few duplicates in this selection and they are all worn or used on a regular basis with the exception of one pair of heels and the evening purse.

The other thing to note is that several of these items are the only one that I own.  The trousers, wool sweater, all of the shoes, handbag, evening bag, wallet, hat and belt are not duplicated in any other colour.  Although I do own other dresses and skirts, the black ones shown here are the only plain-coloured ones in my wardrobe.

Black is undoubtedly the base colour in my wardrobe.  The secondary colours are red and white and I will look at these another day.

Do you have one base colour or several upon which to base your wardrobe?

2 thoughts on “Project 333 – 21 Black

  1. I think many people would base their wardrobe around black! I have some black, but in the last few seasons have added more navy. I didn’t wear navy for many years after leaving school since I wore navy there all the time. But I feel like navy is a little fresher, and I love blues, which would be the secondary colour. I also have a LOVE for white tops, which you can see in my wardrobe hanging section at the moment. I’m always looking to have the ‘right’ sort of formal/nice white top, particularly in the summer months. I think I’ve finally found something that works, but there remains a few button up shirts and winter tops too.

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