Brain Workout


I realised that tonight I have been playing Scrabble and Spider Solitaire (online) as well as doing a Sudoku puzzle in the newspaper.  I do at least some of these activities every day, partly because I enjoy the challenge and partly to use parts of my brain that do not get a workout in my routines activities at work and home.

What about you?  How do you exercise your brain?

5 thoughts on “Brain Workout

  1. Like you, I play scrabble and another word game online most days. I also love puzzles of all kinds, especially sudoku and cryptic crosswords. I subscribed to two puzzle magazines for years and only recently, due to a decrease in income, closed both. I hadn’t really realised how important they were to my health until I received one of the magazines as a surprise gift from my daughter yesterday. It immediately lifted my spirits which have been very low for quite a long time. I am now thinking I should renew the subscriptions.

    • Pat, your mental health is important so it sounds as though finding space in the budget might be worthwhile. Alternatively, perhaps you could request a subscription as a recurring gift.

      Take care. 🙂

  2. Sudoku is my favorite, followed by Freecell and Solataire. Also I think sewing makes your brain work, thinking of ways to get better results from the project you are doing. It’s so important to keep old grey cells healthy.

  3. I do the occasional psychology study on Amazon’s mechanical turk. A friend of mine in grad school who wrote psych studies felt that the study wasn’t done well if it wasn’t a good workout for your brain! It’s been a great way to learn about myself, and also to earn a pittance of money, which never hurts.

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