What to Write


Some days my head is exploding with ideas for blog posts and I am overwhelmed with things I want to tell you.  Tonight is not one of those days.  I feel completely devoid of things to write about.  This set me to thinking about where I get the inspiration for the topics I write about.

2014-02-20 01I write about what I have done that day – today I was at work in an office environment all day.  I was focused on masses of spreadsheets and reports which are hardly the stuff of riveting posts.  This week has been almost entirely about work so you are lucky that the posts of the past few days were roughed out on the weekend because since then I have been almost totally immersed in my work.

Things that I read can sometimes be the basis for a post – it can be a book, another blog or a news item.  Nothing comes to mind.

It can be something as simple as an overheard comment or phrase that triggers the creative juices and gets me writing for you.

Perhaps it is a case of the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

What would you write about tonight?  Do you have a story to share?

2 thoughts on “What to Write

  1. Funny that, Fairy – I’ve been feeling a little the same lately. Work has been much busier in the past few weeks, and even the past 6 months, than ever before, and my blogging inspiration has seen dips accordingly. Some of my more recent posts are either routine (zero waste) or long ago drafted posts, just needing final edits and photos, or something similar.

    Now that I live in a rental, my DIY brain and juices have ceased (which is lucky, I was a little worried I’d continue to want to modify and update things, and keep getting ‘no’ answers from the agent/owner).

    To be honest, weekdays are wake/exercise/work/exercise (if didn’t in the morning)/cook/evening activity (SES or water polo usually). Doesn’t leave much inspiration time, or even writing time if I was inspired. When the weekends come, I seem to read a lot of blogs, and comment, but less and less sparked to write. And writing about chores around the home aren’t an interesting topics.

    We’ll both find something, surely?

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