End of an Era


This week I made and finalised a decision which marks the end of my working career.  I decided not to renew my registration as a Registered Nurse.  This allowed me to work within my scope of practice and it now expires at the end of next month.

I finished work almost 10 months ago but not renewing my registration rules an even more definite line between my working life and that of retirement.

Due to the nature of my work there are limited photos but here are a few that encapsulate the last 44 years.

Student nurse in starched uniform and cap.

2020-04-25 01

A celebration in the tea-room with some of my operating theatre colleagues in the 1990s.

2020-04-25 02

The workplace set up and ready to go.

2020-04-25 03

Another tea-room celebration.  This was my farewell afternoon tea when I was leaving Adelaide in 2000.

2020-04-25 04

After more than 30 years of clinical nursing, I opted for a desk job for the final 10 years.

2020-04-25 05

Even desk jobs have their fun and games.

2020-04-25 06

Thanks for the memories.


Back to Reality

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After 6 weeks of holidays in the USA and Canada we have been home for a little over a week.  We went back to work the day after arriving home so the priority has been catching up on sleep and doing the basics to keep things running smoothly.

There have been some significant changes to ‘The Castle’ in the past few months and now that it is mostly finished, I can share the details with you.

We have had some of the verandah flooring replaced and it has all been sanded and resealed.  The railings are all new and possibly the most exciting thing from my point of view is the screening and gate at the end of the verandah.  This provides a bit more privacy and security to the verandah and creates a clearly defined entrance to the house.

Looking along the front verandah.

2016-09-07 01

The railing on the patio.

2016-09-07 02

The new entrance.

2016-09-07 03

The whole picture.

2016-09-07 04

We have lots of painting to do and there are plenty of other projects on the home improvement list but this is a big one ticked off.

If you missed the holiday adventures you can read all about it here.  There will be one more post once I sort out the final spending tally but other than that I will be back here – hopefully on a fairly regular basis.

A New Desk

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post in which I mentioned getting an adjustable desk.

Well, it arrived last week, was set up on Friday morning and I have been happily using it ever since.

2016-03-01 01

Apologies for the photo quality.  I was in a rush late this afternoon and quickly took this one on my phone.

I have been standing most of the time and am finding it really good.

The mechanism makes it very easy to lift or lower in a couple of seconds.

I re-arranged several aspects of my workspace to improve the flow of work and access to various items.

I would love to hear from anyone else who uses a sitting/standing workstation and what you think of it.

Feels Like Friday


I have not posted anything for the past couple of days as I have been totally committed to work.  We have had colleagues from interstate working with us for a few days and I had to give it my undivided attention so as to maximise the results from being able to work face-to-face.  Despite all of the advances in technology which allow us to connect via, phone, email and videoconferencing, there is nothing quite like being able to sit down and look at the same work together.

Everyone has headed back to their respective locations and I am now home with the prospect of 5 days at home stretching out in front of me.  It really does feel like Friday!  I will be doing some work from home tomorrow but other than that my time is my own.  As an added bonus we have a long weekend due to the Australia Day holiday on Monday.

I hope to make some progress on a number of projects around the house and garden and I am sure I will have lots to show you.

We have the prospect of slightly cooler weather for the next few days and possibly some heavy rain.  I think the first thing I will do is make sure all of the washing is up to date while the weather is still fine.

TowelsIt is lovely to have time to look forward to spending as I choose rather than having a diary crammed full of appointments.RelaxingDo you plan every moment or do you go with the flow, so to speak?

What to Write


Some days my head is exploding with ideas for blog posts and I am overwhelmed with things I want to tell you.  Tonight is not one of those days.  I feel completely devoid of things to write about.  This set me to thinking about where I get the inspiration for the topics I write about.

2014-02-20 01I write about what I have done that day – today I was at work in an office environment all day.  I was focused on masses of spreadsheets and reports which are hardly the stuff of riveting posts.  This week has been almost entirely about work so you are lucky that the posts of the past few days were roughed out on the weekend because since then I have been almost totally immersed in my work.

Things that I read can sometimes be the basis for a post – it can be a book, another blog or a news item.  Nothing comes to mind.

It can be something as simple as an overheard comment or phrase that triggers the creative juices and gets me writing for you.

Perhaps it is a case of the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

What would you write about tonight?  Do you have a story to share?

Home Sweet Home

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There is nothing I enjoy more than a weekend at home without any major commitments.  After a busy week (and this week has been busier than most) I am ready to take my time doing simple tasks at home.

My plans were thwarted slightly this evening as the train is running late.  This was due to congestion from an earlier police incident at on of the central city railway stations.  I made a conscious decision not to let this stress me but I have used the extra time to catch up on some internet reading and now writing my blog.

I am tired after a full week of work and a late night last night, as we went to see Ross Noble, a very funny and irreverent comedian.  I have an easy dinner planned, we will be eating baked potatoes topped with bolognaise sauce and served with some salad.

Tomorrow I intend to get the house back into order now that the bathroom is finished.

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple of days along with the brevity of this one as well as no photos.  I promise I will make amends over the weekend.

Have a fun and fulfilling weekend.

Work and Weekends

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I am very pleased that it is the end of the week at work and we have time to relax and unwind.  To some, our weekends seem very busy but it is a different kind of busy from our Monday to Friday office jobs.

Tonight we went to a local pizza restaurant for dinner.  We enjoyed our meal and the singer with his guitar added very pleasant background music.  A relaxing start to the weekend.

Tomorrow we will see Missy and Belle plus we want to look for some new handles for a silky oak dressing table we are restoring.

What do you have planned?  Or do you let the weekends just unfold as they happen?

Have a great weekend whatever you do.