Would You Believe?


I was amazed to realise that it is 3 years ago that I began writing this blog.

3rd birthday

Delving into the records has revealed the following statistics:

I have written 699 posts so this will make make a nice, round 700.  Not a bad effort in 3 years.

There have been 104,013 views of my blog and 2,356 comments in total.

This is not a huge number when compared to some very popular blogs.  However, I made a conscious decision when I began writing that it would not be for the number of followers, views or comments.  Organised Castle was essentially my diary.  It is about living a simple, sustainable life.  In keeping with that goal I was not going to have a blog which was cluttered with widgets, links and advertisements.  The look of the blog is how I live my life.

I am thrilled that so many of you from Australia and overseas keep coming back to read and comment.  I love sharing my thoughts and look forward to continuing the journey.

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Would You Believe?

  1. Keep up the good work because even though I don’t always comment I always enjoy reading what you have to say 🙂

  2. Congratulations, that’s a great milestone! And a great deal of views – only 2% comment so you have a lot of lurkers!

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