My Life in Boxes

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I think the title says it all.

I started packing boxes about 6 weeks ago – a little bit at a time but the effort has really ramped up in the last week as the removalist deadline approaches – Friday is the big day.

Today we loaded the final few things onto the ute and took it to a friend’s place to store it until we are ready to leave Queensland in about 6 weeks.

Meanwhile, back to the boxes. We had packed boxes stacked up in no fewer than 4 different rooms so this afternoon GMan decided that it would be a good idea to put them all together downstairs in the garage.

This is the result!

And another view.

In other news, I received a notification from WordPress overnight to let me know that this is the 12th anniversary of Organised Castle. I must admit that I never imagined I would still be writing this 12 years later. My sincere thanks to all of my readers over the years. I have made some really special friends through the blog, too. Don’t forget to join the Facebook group of the same name if you would like to interact more and meet other like-minded readers.

My blog has been with me through some interesting times and probably none more so than our impending relocation. So, strap yourself in and come along for the ride.

Happy Anniversary


I received a notification yesterday from WordPress that advised me that I have been writing this blog for 11 years. Although I sometimes wonder what to write about I intend to keep going for the foreseeable future. Thank you for reading along.

Meanwhile, the day went on with regular jobs. I did 4 loads of washing, ironed and folded everything, stripped and remade the bed, swept all of the floors and made another batch of spreadable butter. When I cooked the rice for dinner I did extra and have 2 more batches in the freezer.

Tomorrow is another day…………………..

Would You Believe?


I was amazed to realise that it is 3 years ago that I began writing this blog.

3rd birthday

Delving into the records has revealed the following statistics:

I have written 699 posts so this will make make a nice, round 700.  Not a bad effort in 3 years.

There have been 104,013 views of my blog and 2,356 comments in total.

This is not a huge number when compared to some very popular blogs.  However, I made a conscious decision when I began writing that it would not be for the number of followers, views or comments.  Organised Castle was essentially my diary.  It is about living a simple, sustainable life.  In keeping with that goal I was not going to have a blog which was cluttered with widgets, links and advertisements.  The look of the blog is how I live my life.

I am thrilled that so many of you from Australia and overseas keep coming back to read and comment.  I love sharing my thoughts and look forward to continuing the journey.

Thank you.