Mastering Technology


Or as it is otherwise known – reading the instructions.

I bought a digital SLR camera before we travelled overseas last year.  I have downloaded the instruction manual which is about 350 pages, however, I have barely read it and have just used the camera on the automatic settings.

InstructionsLast night I decided that I really should figure out how to use the self-timer on the camera.  I read the instructions several times, set up the camera on the tripod and hey, presto!  I managed to take a reasonable photograph of my self wearing my new skirt.

The thing that I find most difficult about instructions of any kind is trying to assimilate information that I am not necessarily about to use.  Just reading something about a particular process or technique and trying to store it for future refence tends to be fairly useless in my experience.

Having used the self-timer function several times in my quest to get a reasonable photograph, I am fairly confident that I will be able to recall this process when I next want to use it.

4 thoughts on “Mastering Technology

  1. I tried the “dummies” books a couple of times but realised they didn’t cater for dummies like me. I am actually one of those people who read the instruction books from start to finish and take the directions in literal form. I interpreted the “Dummies” title as if it would actually teach me something! I find it better now to take a short class or use YouTube as after nearly 60 years I finally recognise I am a visual learner.

    • I have never actually used a ‘dummies’ book – that was just a suitable picture for the post. I hear you on being a visual learner, though. I would like to take a photography course but that will have to wait until I have more time AKA when I retire. 🙂 In the meantime I just need to spend a bit more time learning and understanding a few of the functions. I also need to practise to reinforce the information.

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