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A couple of days ago I read a comment online by someone unknown to me that they had decluttered so much that they had nothing left to declutter.  I have no idea what their circumstances are or what they consider essential but I know that I have not reached that point.  In fact, I am not sure that I ever will or even want to.  We do not have a huge amount of stuff but for me it is more about carefully streamlining what we own to a selection of good-quality items that match our lifestyle.  Our needs change and therefore, our possessions will change accordingly.

On the weekend I was cleaning in the kitchen and one thing led to another and I ended up re-looking at the cooking utensils that I use.  I have supposedly decluttered these on at least 2 previous occasions but it never hurts to look at them with fresh eyes and a more detached point of view.

This is what I am taking to the op shop today.

2015-02-04 01There are a couple of sharp knives that have seen better days and I simply do not use them.  A scraper for cleaning a George Foreman grill which we no longer own.  A cleaning brush for something – I don’t know what and as far as I can see it has never been used.  Spoon and spaghetti strainer which are not used.  Meat mallet – I haven’t beaten meat for over 20 years – our diet does not include recipes that require it.  Spaghetti measure – was part of a corporate Christmas hamper a few years ago and has never been used.  Small aluminium skewer – I have a set of stainless steel skewers and this is no longer required.  Chip cutter – this came from my mother’s place when she was decluttering some years ago and I have never used it.  A good idea but I cannot remember the last time I made chips at home and I am quite capable of cutting potatoes into chips if the fancy happens to take me.  Anyway, aren’t “hand-cut chips” the latest craze on menus??

So what stays?

2015-02-04 02Electric knife
Carving fork
Scone cutter
Rolling pin
Fine grater
Metal tongs
BBQ tool
Pineapple peeler/corer
Apple corer
Cheese slicer
Cherry/oliver pit remover
Garlic press
Ice-cream scoop
Citrus zester
Grapefruit knife
Vegetable peeler (not shown)
Jar opener
Tea strainer
Tea infuser
Wine vacuum sealer
Cork remover
Bottle/can opener
Measuring spoons
Corn cob holders
Egg rings
Knife sharpener

The electric knife/carving fork and cherry pit remover are the only items that would be rarely used.  Everything else is used regularly, mostly on a weekly basis.  Some, like the grapefruit knife and corn cob holders are seasonal but still essential.

2015-02-04 03I also have 2 jars of cooking utensils that I use almost daily.  There location on the bench means that they are easy to grab as I am cooking and preparing food.

Wooden spoons x 4
Metal whisk
Potato masher
Metal spatula
Non-stick spatula
Non-stick spoon
Slotted spoon
Small sieve
Can opener
Pizza cutter
Rubber scrapers x 3
Citrus juicer
Pie slice

I also have a knife block with 6 assorted sharp knives.

To a hard-core minimalist this probably looks like a huge number of utensils, however, I prepare and cook most of our meals and use these items very frequently.  It is important to keep and use what works for you.

There are lots of areas of my life where I could reduce my possessions but I think I have completely decluttered the kitchen utensils to my satisfaction.

What utensils do you use every day?  Are they much different to what I have shown here?

2 thoughts on “More To Go

  1. Thanks, Gill. I agree that they could be used for another purpose, however, we already seem to successfully remove weeds and divide plants without additional knives. So, I feel that it is better that they go to someone who may be able to use them as knives.

    I am not against re-purposing by any means but it seems to me that it does not reduce the clutter – it can simply be used as a way of legitimising the stuff staying in your home eg: rather than saying, “this is a knife which is surplus to my requirements and I will give it to someone who can use it”, I can put it in the garden shed and say, “this is for weeding the garden”.

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